June 2020.. after 18 years at this we’ve had enough of regulations, changing tax laws making it nearly impossible for small national deliver business’s to handle the tax accounting, increased royalty costs… greed by market captured sales rules etc etc.. not to forget the losses from protected scammers stacking against decent creative people.

We are to close by end of Sept 2020 and all stocks sold or… destroyed whats not sold. But at least we gave it a go and contributed something good and not destroyed things.

This site WAS designed for GM restorers of F and A bodies.. products we made available to the public or very selected resellers. This site is secure & easy to navigate.

The payment gateway for Paypal and CC’s is available on Checkout, most orders will be delivered in 3-5 working days.

PW Distribution LLC, est 2008. We specialize in reproducing hard or low volume specialized parts for Muscle Cars. PW Distribution LLC is a GM Licensee. “The Muscle Car Lives” is a registered trademark of PW Distribution LLC. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. est 2008.

We supply inside the USA, warehouse distribution only based out of Nevada. We’re not a big company.. not wanting to be… but while we don’t make a lot – what we do make, we make very, very well.”