1 New Part 79-81 Trans Am Tail lamp Lense kit


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1979-81 Trans Am Brake lamp lens set.

Brand new lens set, GM Approved

We make this part.

Each set is inspected.. carefully.. probably overly .. then sleeved and cushion packed individually so there is bugger all chance of damage.. you’ll appreciate the packing when you see it…. currently in limited quantities as each set is grabbed pretty much immediately…..
With about 2 years in the making & a lot of time & funds invested to make this happen for restorers.. we hope its received now as much as we are now excited to make good and decent restoration parts like this.. as a more complete package.
GM Approved Part: # 5937036 & 5937035
WD MOQ 6 sets
Supplied as PAIR SETS ONLY..

We have also produced the small parts.. the clips and dome head nuts ..supplied as part of different kits..and the lenses include a bunch of spare new clips per lens – most times your old ones will be good but just in case.. there’s more with each lens provided.
We have also had boxes produced to protect the lenses in transit. Not cheap but neither are broken transported parts.
We have produced the outer smoked lens.. per GM… with the LHS having the rubber fuel door insulation flap too.. fitted.
We have had both the center fuel doors produced & will be releasing those shortly.. .so the option will be both Normal TA series and he TA Special Edition. We will put out a limited range of 1981 only Gold Rear bird editions as a time permits.

Comes with a few extra spare clips with each also.

In taking the time to reproduce these properly.. we have gone back and back and back to make sure they are a “WOW” part… make sure the chrome is as good as we want ourselves on a show car.. make sure the new purpose made packaging is able to protect these right through to the customers workshop . and they are…!.
Images  were  from some test samples we had during R&D.. and we ended up smashing up lots.. so many that
were  MUCh better then what was on the streets.. but best to kill them in the name of quality.



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