1989 Turbo Trans Am INDY WING emblem (1) (SOLD OUT)


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We are currently sold out of this emblem. Be aware there are counterfeit low grade knockoffs on the market.

This is the LOWER fender Indy Wings emblem on the 89 TTA.
Its Metal.. not plastic.. its a high quality part.. probably one of the nicest Indy emblems around.. if you like nice parts.. and understand what Im saying.. this is just a nice clean respectable emblem design and perfectly reproduced by us…perfect…!
Supplied individually.. Out of interest.. more then a few other Indy Pace Car restorers have used this emblem on various restorations.. either due to none of their specific emblem being available or its closeness to theirs.. or for the fact its metal.. either way its a good part.


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