Steering Shaft: 70-78 Camaro & Firebir TA


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Brand New OEM Manufacturer produced Intermediate Steering Shaft for the

1970 to early 78 Firebird Trans Am & Camaro.

Each is as per illustration.. ready to kit… brand new.

Comes in Heavy Duty shipping carton for ease of storage and dispatch.

NOTE: Another typical complaint on these.. new and older.. is a bit of clunking… usually a lack of grease in a few either at manufacturer of the way it may have settled in the house over the years as a service replacement part.. or from years of use and never being regreased internally……. that’s all.. they chatter a little.
I’ve done a series of these that could have been noisy .. fixed it straight away..
Probably in the original design from GM.. in reality.. these needed a grease injection point.. they are a linked part.. like any ball joint etc..
Having now fitted one to a car and greased it.. it’s quieter then many original GM ones… Might also be worth doing or suggesting to customers to think about. As shown below on couple we have done…
The greasing of the upper hub is something I’ve done mainly on the latter series to help long term operation. Basically the upper hub is a Knuckle .. that like any can be helped with good greasing or servicing to stop it running dry…..IMO.. Personally the latter style ISS with a grease nipple is my preference for those cars.. my own 89 TTA has it.. If your running hedders or a larger exhaust.. heat can effect lots of parts like starter soliniods and mounts etc.. you might want to drill a small threadable location on the upper knuckle housing and pump some grease in there every few years or as needed.
NOT a legal engineered statement.. but meant as help you from one older restorer to another.


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