Wholesale Accounts

Clients who resell large volumes of stock are eligible to be wholesale customers, we also reserve the right to limit the amount of resellers we supply too... in fact we do exactly that so each reseller is assured of not entering an oversupplied market.

Depending on the amount of stock you move annually we can provide you with a personalized discount code to get a percentage of the price off all orders.

Your discount code is your business only and cannot be passed on to individuals or other businesses. If we find evidence of this your wholesale account will be terminated. In the event of someone using your code they will not get the discount and the order will be cancelled.

To become a wholesale customer simply contact us with the link at the top of the page and we will go into discussions with you over it.

You will need to provide proof that you are a business and we will request certain information from you to confirm this.

Wholesaler discounts do not apply items that are on sale. Your discount will be based on normal price.

Wholesale customers will also have minimal order figures. You must be buying in bulk to receive wholesale prices.

Please contact:

Dave Clee, PW Distribution LLC
pwdistribution@gmail.com for further help.